Solar Panels in Chennai an initiative by TGP are the  Best manufactures and suppliers for Solar Panels in Chennai India, We also Manufacture  Solar Inverters, Solar Hybrid Inverters, Solar C10 Rating Batteries, Solar Water Heaters ETC Model ,DC solar water pumps, Mini solar lamps, solar street lights and Solar Luminaries.

Also we have expertise in setting up solar net metering, solar led light Manufacturing. Solar panels in Chennai also imports solar ac, solar air conditioners, solar chillers, solar fencing, solar caps, solar bags, solar dryers, and solar cookers from china.

We also specialized in solar on grid and off grid installation and all range of solar products. We are one of the top solar customized solution company for solar Households, solar Commercial, Hotels, Industries, Institutions, petrol pumps, shopping malls.

We have best distribution network and delivery network all over India.

Solar Panels
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